My name is Kyle Lent and I live in Austin, TX with my wife, Annie.  I have been a professional musician for almost 15 years, and am dedicated to creating art.  I currently serve as the Director of Austin Stone Worship at THE AUSTIN STONE, where I also lead worship with AARON IVEY.

I have spent many years touring and playing guitar, producing and recording records at my studio THE AUDIO VILLAGE in my spare time.  I love writing music as well as helping artists take their songs and turn them into a creative vision they can be proud of.


I’ve been the owner and head engineer of The Audio Village in Austin, TX since 2005.  We have recorded dozens of records through the years, ranging from blues to worship to folk to heavy rock.  Our studio is run by a group of musicians who also have a knack for production and an ear for engineering, so approach the process of making a record like a musician would, not like a businessman.

We also highly value the process of creating and writing together, and strive to create an atmosphere of community and family when we create.  We encourage collaboration, not competition.

We’d love to help your next project get off the ground!  We do everything from full records (from the early stages of pre-production all the way through mastering), to mixing a project tracked elsewhere, to overdubs with our studio musicians, where you send us the songs and we put drums / bass / guitars to them.  You never even have to leave the house!

Take a look at a few of our services here, and visit THE AUDIO VILLAGE for more in-depth detail, including all of our gear.

    • We value community with artists
    • Connections to people who can help
    • Celebrating the creation of art!


    • 1000 sq/ft of recording space
    • Relaxing atmosphere lounge
    • Great backyard space for relaxing


    • Toft ATB24 analog console
    • Pro Tools tracking / editing
    • Top of the line outboard
    • Huge mic closet
    • Tons of guitars / amps / etc.

    Console / Gear

    • Pre-Production / Writing
    • Full tracking with your band or our musicians
    • Producing and direction
    • Editing / Mixing

    Full Records

    • Send us tracks and we will provide:
    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Guitars
    • Keys
    • ... Without you having to travel to us


    • We mix pre-recorded tracks
    • Remix and audio fixes
    • Editing



One of the most difficult things that artists have is where to take the song after it’s written.  You’ve recorded it on your iPhone, but so often great songs stay there because we don’t know where to take them next.

A producer is dedicated to seeing the big picture for your music: helping achieve the minor nuances in the recording process that will help the song translate well, all the way to keeping an eye on scheduling and budget so that you don’t have to.  Let’s face it, the prospect of recording an album (or even an EP) can be overwhelming, and having someone guide the process is important.

Ever since I could play a few chords and write a few cliche lyrics, I’ve wanted to record them and make them sound grandiose.  I’ve produced dozens of records over the years and helped artists navigate through the process of taking an idea all the way to a finished product.

Let me know if I can help give legs to your ideas by producing and / or mixing your record.




One of my great joys is getting to compose original music for film.  I have had the opportunity to be a part of scoring a number of films, some of which have been chosen for inclusion in film festivals across the country.

My desire in writing scores is to bring an extra depth to your film that highlights the moods and themes that you as a filmmaker have already created.  I never want to push or persuade an audience into feeling something that isn’t already there.  I’ll dedicate my time to making sure I enhance what the film is already telling us.

Here is the basic process you’ll join me in when working on your film:

    • Begin understanding the film
    • Get on the same page!
    • Discuss other pieces you like


    • Rough ideas for the score
    • Identify the right sounds
    • Highlight the mood
    • Record demos


    • Discuss demo ideas
    • Close communication / feedback
    • Adjust score based on needs


    • Recorded in our professional studio
    • State of the art equipment
    • Careful attention to detail
    • Fully editable to suit your needs


    • Score should sound great!
    • Piece stands up on its own
    • Mix options for what fits best


    • Mastering the score if needed!
    • Delivery to sound design
    • Storage of files, including stems



  • All
  • mastering
  • performing
  • writing
  • producing
  • recording
  • mixing
  • scoring


  • Kyle always does excellent work and I love getting projects in from The Audio Village!

  • The Audio Village = great sounds, great engineer, great vibe. Inspiring place to make music!

    Aaron Peace, Singer / Songwriter
  • What Aaron and Kyle produced captured that inexplicable quality you hope a score can achieve, but rarely see. They always pushed to another layer… I’m honored by the care and respect with which they treated our work.

  • Kyle’s musical talent continues to impress me. He has composed multiple songs for my films and each time I’m inspired and excited about how the music makes the film much better. Not only is he talented, he is also a storyteller at heart which makes the collaboration itself a joyful experience because he understands certain emotions I’m trying to convey as a filmmaker.

    LEE ROTHENFLUE, Filmmaker